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The concept of this invention is employment of a downwards moving object to produce electricity.

There is nothing new in this idea and like everyone else before me I encountered the same problem - lifting the object takes far more energy than gained.

I took a different approach and employed balance, leverage and counterbalances as shown on the picture. Here I use a simplified version intentionally omitting confusing details. Weight of the balance (blue circle) is equal to the weight of both counterbalances (red circles). Also length of red and blue lines representing levers are equal. Black points in the middle of the circles show their centers of mass. Black points separating red and blue lines stand for fulcrums (pivoting points).

When blue circle in its extreme upper or low position counter balances also on their extremities but on the opposite side. At this moment entire system is in equilibrium and can freely rotate around horizontal axis.

Now let’s assume that blue circle is at the bottom also friction is negligible. Some "mysterious" force kicked it upwards as shown on the picture - leverage ratio is not equal anymore. Red circles are lifting the blue one until the system regains its equilibrium but this time blue circle got to the top.

It will not take much work to flip the system and repeat the move.

Multiple tests run on a prototype have shown that this machine does not work if angle between a lever and horizontal (rotation) axes surpasses 30°

Building a prototype I redesigned Compound Leverage making it more efficient. Click here to learn how it works …
Replacing the balance* (middle piece) with a Linear Generator allows gravity-to-electricity conversion ...

Do I have a prototype?

Yes I do. Due to lack of resources the prototype is not impressive enough for potential manufacturers, nevertheless it proves – the concept works …

Can I buy this generator for my home?
Since the Canadian government refused to patent this invention, further development stopped. It will take some more Chernobyls and Fukushimas before you will install this generator in your basement.
Can it be used on road vehicles?

Yes, after a slight modification my invention will replace the internal combustion engine. What kind of modification? Well… this ʺlittleʺ secret I am keeping with me.

* On this page - balance, blue circle, or linear generator all mean the same.
** Extending the distance from fulcrums to counterbalances will reduce the mass of the latter still maintaining equilibrium. Such modification shall not increase power or efficiency of the machine but decrease its total weight.

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